Our mangoes story 26/07/2011

You seem to be deep in thought, observed my husband  as we were having breakfast.

Not exactly, I am quite unhappy about the increasing  lack of communication among  the family, I said.

Now which family are you talking about? Whose heads are going to roll? He asked in his usual sarcastic manner.

It has all to do with our mangoes to start with, I said.

What do our mangoes got to do with lack of communication among the family? He said giving me a quizzical look.

Everything, for that matter, they are the root cause, I stated.

Why don’t you tell me what happened, he said sounding impatient.

You know I sent the  mangoes grown on our tree to more than half a dozen of our friends and relatives and excepting two of them the rest  called me up to thank me.They went into raptures about the unusual taste of this rare  variety which they said was generally not available in the market.

Did you tell them about the origins of  our mango tree? My husband asked proudly.

Yes I did. I said a sapling of  Imam pasand  was brought from Rajamundry by your grandfather and planted  in our compound almost  70 years ago and we have been enjoying its  fruit for the past few decades.

I still don’t understand its relation with  communication or lack of it, stated my husband.

Well, I had sent almost a dozen fruits to our neighbours  but haven’t heard from them at all. For all I know instead of the house hold members the  house hold staff would have consumed them and the former wouldn’t have known that I sent them, I rued.

Now I understand your grouse. Since you mentioned it I remember something one of our neighbours said the other day about having tasted an extra sweet juicy mango. When I asked him where he had picked them up from, he said his servant who normally does vegetable shopping for them had bought them from the market paying an exorbitant price.

I wonder what this other neighbour of ours is going to say if and when you meet him, I  lamented.

My husband  didn’t appear to understand and I didn’t bother to explain.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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