New wine in Old Bottle 09/11/2011

You women never tire of adding to your wardrobe, which already overflows  with  sarees, more sarees and  never ending  sarees, accused my husband when I suggested we go for shopping.

Well, it is going to be shopping with a difference, I said.

I know what you are hinting at. If it is not for sarees it’s going to be for something even more expensive. If you are thinking of buying the yellow metal, you can’t find anyone more foolhardy than you, he mocked.

No, certainly not for gold or silver, I said.

Then what is it going to be?   I hope you  don’t fancy  buying a piece of furniture which I ’m afraid will add to the clutter, he sounded  very serious.

Certainly not and I promise, I said laying his fears at rest.

Is it  a new  TV by any chance?  He asked sounding apprehensive.

No, not immediately,  I replied.

Why this suspense? Come out with what you have in mind so that I can  expect  the ‘damage,’  he said impatiently.

If  that is what is bothering you, I  can  assure you they  will not cost more than  a  couple of thousands, I  said.

How are you so sure about their  price, what ever that ‘they’  you are thinking of purchasing? He asked  surprised.

That’s what  my friend said and  I even had a look at them,  I told him.

You have still not told me what  ‘they,’ are  he asked with growing impatience.

‘They’ are  going to be something like saying ‘new wine in  old bottle,’ I  replied.

As usual you are talking in riddles. I wonder which is the wine and which is the bottle?  he said sounding curious.

Well, in this case  the ‘new wine’ besides  giving  a facelift to the ‘old bottle’, will  also  accentuate  the wearer’s personality, I  quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao


18 thoughts on “New wine in Old Bottle 09/11/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    All I can think of is a pair of spectacles with the latest varifocal lenses, combining both distance & reading corrections in a single lens, in which there is no visible line upon the lens, as the lens strength is graded from “distance” at the top to “reading” at the bottom. But then I could be wrong.

  2. Prema, now, you are giving me ideas which may prove costlier than ‘the new wine’ I am planning to buy. Nevertheless what I have in mind is an essential and expensive part of ladies’ ensemble which Chennai ladies are taking to .

  3. Ladies in Chennai don’t wear shoes, not the sari clad ones atleast. Why do you want to give up so soon Sowmya? I am sure you will hit upon the right answer yourself if you stretch your imagination a little. This ‘part’ of the ensemble has taken the fancy of both young and older ladies alike.

  4. V Raghavan

    I know now. It is what the wife of a Pathan wears. What is it called?

    Or it is a nine yard Pichavaram silk saree…?

    Or, … OK, I give up too. You have floored every one. Now be a magnanimous victor and let the cat out!

  5. Congrats for the right answer about the person. Don’t forget like men’s attire women’s attire too comes in pairs. The clue is in the first and the last part of my article itself. Last chance for you to guess Mr.VR and VNK.

  6. Haven’t you folks heard of Designer Blouses which cost a fortune ? They are so attractive that they not only give a face lift to an old sari but add to the wearer’s personality as well.

  7. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    This reminds me of a game of twenty Questions ” Animal, Vegetable or Mineral ?” which we used to play in our childhood. At the time it was easy but now with age my neurons have lost their spontaneity and it becomes rather taxing to guess what the other person is thinking.

    But more to the point, did your hubby guess the answer to the riddle ? If not, at least he would have felt relieved that your shopping was so much less priced than what the normal cravings of women would have cost !

  8. hema

    meera please spare your friends. we simple country folks have no exposure to face is news to me that holes technology and bizarre designing only suitable for game shows enhances the wearer’s personality.

    hope to see a mord meera in enhanced personality outfit, with hubby’s genorosity.

  9. I agree with you about the bizarre designs sported by the anchors of Game shows which I don’t think enhances their personality. The designer blouses I am referring to are really classy with their embellisments of such variety,fit for folks like you and me ( can assure you they don’t raise any eyebrows including those of our spouses).

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