My new maid 03/04/2011

It all started when my old maid left after working with me for 25 odd years to live with her son the rest of her life. She was honest, sincere and a woman who cared for the welfare of our family. She would  wash the dishes thoroughly, wipe them with a clean dish cloth and place them in their respective  slots. She would dust the furniture, sweep and mop  the floor and occasionally  wash the  clothes, infact she enjoyed the task and didn’t like the idea of a washing machine to be used for the purpose. Needless to say  she was the envy of my friends who thought I was lucky to have got such an efficient maid working for me.

But  as all good things  come to an end, I had to part with her when she decided to move with her son who  relocated  with his wife  in the neighbouring State. Soon my interviews with prospective maids began in right earnest. It didn’t take long for me to realize who would be my ‘future boss’ and the adjustments in store for me and my family who reluctantly agreed for the ‘paradigm shift.’

‘Atlast, I am going to sit back and not bother about the household chores’, I thought to myself and  started reading the day’s newspaper even as my eyes  involuntarily turned to the clock at frequent intervals. It was past 10 a.m. and there was no sign of the new maid appearing. I tried to mull over our conversation that took place  the previous morning  when she had  promised to join work on the first. ‘I shall be at your place exactly at eight in the morning, amma,’ she had said.  ‘I am not one to go back on my word’ She assured me smiling sweetly.

After waiting for another hour or so I  sauntered  helplessly  to the  wash area  where a pile of dinner plates, soup bowls and cook ware from the previous night’s party I had hosted for my friends were staring at me!

The next  day dawned and even as I  braced myself  for a vigorous search all over again for a maid, I heard a familiar voice calling me  ‘amma’.

There stood  the new maid  greeting me with a broad smile .

Before I could  say anything she forestalled me ,’amma, wasn’t yesterday April first?

My anger ebbed away  giving place to relief!

n.meera raghavendra rao


5 thoughts on “My new maid 03/04/2011

  1. mangala

    My God!Even maids started fooling on April first.
    Meera,I like your way of is very natural without unnecessary discription.I want to read all the blogs now.But I have other work.I decided to read one every day with out fail.

  2. Jaya Pydah

    That was hilarious, Meera. My present maid who has been with our family for about ten years, really tests our patience with her erratic schedules. But given the fact that she basically is a good human being and also gives us a lot of ‘gyaan’ on political affairs, we feel she’s a real asset!!

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