My husband’s shopping spree 25/10/2011

What are you going to buy for Diwali? I asked my husband whose  penchant for
clothes surpasses that of  any male I have come across.

I am yet to decide, he said scanning the many advertisements the news paper is filled with.

What is there to decide in the limited choice you men have, I observed.

What I am going to buy will surprise even you, he affirmed stressing on you.

I don’t think so because as far as I know you don’t wear Tees or jeans like others of your age, I said.

Certainly not, he almost grunted.

Then what is it you are planning to buy and when are we going for shopping for whatever you have in mind? I  said.

I am going alone and that’s certain, he asserted.

Go ahead, I  have better things to do in the two or three hours you spend in the
shop  to select your clothes. Also I don’t enjoy hanging around in a shop which stocks Only  Men’s ready mades, I said.

I can also shop peacefully without  you butting in every time to veto my choice,
he accused.

Why don’t you  atleast tell me where  you are going to shop so that I too can do
some window shopping around the place, I suggested.

O.K. come along but keep to your promise to window shop, he warned.

Yes, I promise, I  said.

After what seemed an eternity I saw my husband emerging from one of the shops clutching  a couple of  over sized  plastic bags. He  appeared very pleased at
what ever he had bought.

Unable to contain my curiosity, I tried to open the bags while returning in the car but my husband forbade me to see what was inside saying, ‘ why the hurry
dear, have patience till  the festive day dawns. I told you it is going to be a surprise’, he reiterated.

I hope you got the right size and fit this time at least?   I asked hesitatingly.

It is typical of you women to ask a lot of inconvenient questions, he replied.

n.meera raghavendra rao


20 thoughts on “My husband’s shopping spree 25/10/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    As is often the case, your blog is an enigma! What is it that your hubby bought? You know I am a bit slow on the uptake. I am sure there are other readers of a similar disposition. Please enlighten.

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Surprise can be of two kinds : Shocking surprise and Pleasant surprise. If your hubby wanted to give you a shocking surprise he would buy T shirts, Jeans or vests & briefs which he has never worn earlier to feel & look younger and if he wished to give a pleasant surprise, he would have bought unisex bath towels, blue Turkish for himself and a pink one for you……. Phew ! My right brain is exhausted from this lateral thinking. As our friend VR says, please enlighten us !

  3. V Raghavan

    Like VNK, let me also allow my imagination to run riot! Did your hubby take you to Sri Kumaran Stores for window or real shopping? They recently introduced saris with a pouch. They are targeted at the modern, working woman or the young girl who wants something trendy even with a traditional Kanjeevaram silk sari. The pocket sari has now been overtaken by newer ideas like the readymade, pre-pleated sari (also with a pocket – just slip into it) and the sari with four different pallus that can be zipped up according to the mood of the moment!

  4. Sorry Profs, your guesses are nowhere near the right answer .Looks like I should provide a few options like Amithab does on his Game show.Certainly they will not include women’s ware or bath ware as mentioned. I am sure you will hit upon the right answer if you stretch your imagination a little more about men’s ware. Here’s a clue you can take: he picked up his —–from a readymade shop in Fountain Plaza in Egmore.

  5. You folks seem to stretch your imagination regarding all the available attire for women and not the variety ,(that too in the traditional Madras as well) that is available for you MEN. A second clue: Try to recall the movie Sholay .My husband usually picked up his favourite ….from a shop in Hyderabad and was pleasantly surprised to know even shops in Madras stocked THIS and he literally grabbed it.

  6. The two you mention are too common and are available everywhere and worn by pan Indians .What he bought should be familiar especially to people who lived in the Northern parts of India .Relax ,take off your thinking cap for a while!

  7. Akhila

    Is it a jacket? But Madras is far too hot to allow for that fashion! A cap, maybe? Bell-bottomed pants? Shawl? The ‘Sholay’ clue has only succeeded in confusing me more!

  8. hema

    the creativity of your husband in choosing clothes has kindled the creative imagination of all your friends.i must thank your husband for inspiring others to give all the fundas on men’s clothesline and versatile instant wear sarees

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