My ‘Five Star ’ Birthday 10/11/2011

What are your plans for your Birthday? Asked my friend even as she greeted me.

Thanks a ton, planning to have a ‘Five Star’ Birthday, I said.

What is that? she said surprised.

We generally eat out, (which means) at my husband’s favourite joint, I said .

Perhaps my reply was a give away because her next question expressed what I was hinting at.

You guessed it right for reading my mind so well, I said inwardly complimenting her.

Since it is Your birthday why don’t you choose to dine at Your favourite restaurant, she suggested stressing on ‘your.’

Thanks a ton for your idea, I shall  suggest to him right away, I  enthused.

Are you sure you want to dine at this place? Asked my husband a little hesitatingly.

Why not? Remember we used to have lunch at a Five Star hotel on important occasions? I said.

But that was quite some time ago when we were young to  binge on the rich spread  not to speak about the mouth melting  dessert, he  observed.

Oh, come on, even now we can do that, ofcourse with a little discretion, I said trying to convince him.

O.K. l have your way, he said agreeing  without much persuasion.

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian maam, asked the smartly looking lady who  appeared to be incharge of the Buffet section.

Vegetarian, I  stressed.

She walked almost three quarter way to  the Buffet table and stopping there  turning to me  said, ‘Maam, vegetarian section begins from here.’

Can I have a look  at the spread? I asked.

Most certainly, she replied with a smile .

Finding   the vegetarian  section consisting  of a  typically  south Indian menu similar to one we normally have at home, I grimaced and the lady apparently noticed it,  for she said, ’Maam, we also have a la carte, would you prefer that?

Let  me have a look, I said and she gave the menu card to me most courteously.

I  quickly ran through it taking extra care to see the vegetarian items on the menu, at the same time slyly seeing  the price against them.

Returning the menu card  to her most  courteously coupled  with   my best smile I  motioned to my husband (who appeared to delight at my plight ) to beat a hasty retreat!


n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “My ‘Five Star ’ Birthday 10/11/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    I didn’t realize that conservative Chennai has become almost non-vegetarian. So, beating a hasty retreat, you had to cook at home on your birthday?
    I was thinking some days back that I should greet you on your birthday, but missed the day completely. Anyway, Meera Sis, please accept this belated Happy Birthday wishes!

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Here’s the belated birthday greetings to you from our side too.

    Only people belonging to Kshatriya & shudra castes, Christian & Muslim religions care to eat the non-veg foods. Brahmins & Vysyas as also Jains avoid the hotels serving multi-cuisine foods once they learn that even tomato soup is nonveg, because the common stock which is added to all soups is made from boiling bones & bone marrows. Also the cooking ladles are common which they keep dipping in different dishes to taste them while they are being prepared.

    I guess after leaving that multicuisine restaurant in the 5 star, you must have descended on woodlands or Saravana bhavan where everything is veg. and familiar at modest prices. Long live vegetarianism !

  3. hema

    many, many happy retuns and wish you many many milestones-60,000,90,000,1,20,000
    humour knows no bounds,you simply rock
    keep smiling and continue to make us chuckle
    pardon me for my english

  4. Thanks a million Hema for your good wishes and prophetic words. If my humour rocks credit goes to all my intellectual readers/friends like you who provide me with food for thought.Your English is fine, don’t forget we studied Journalism together at the same institution.

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