My Blog’s second birthday 24/05/2011

Who are all on your  list of invitees on your Blog’s second birthday? Asked my husband as we were having breakfast.

Well, I am still thinking, I said.

You always do things at the last minute, no advance planning at all, he complained.

But that’s been my style of functioning all these years, I am sure you got used to it by now, I said.

Keep thinking till the last minute and—his voice trailed off

Its going to be a surprise, I said excitedly.

Your surprise might turn into a damp squib, like it sometimes happens, observed my husband.

Don’t sound like a wet blanket, I  accused.

O.K.I shall patiently wait till tomorrow and start the count down, he said.

Thanks, that sounds better, I said.

By the way, what list were you talking about?

Your list of invitees ofcourse, I thought you wished to throw a party to celebrate the occasion, he said.

No parties this time, I am quite tired of hosting them, I said.

Good, I am glad you have taken a decision as what you do not want,  he laughed.

Yes, deciding something on  an elimination  process is good, don’t you think? I said gloating over my ‘ style’ of functioning.

Then are you planning something which will burn a hole my pocket? His concern was obvious from his tone.

Don’t worry, I will take care of that, I assured him.

Noticing me deep in thought, he suddenly said, are you expecting a gift from me by any chance?

Yes, you are ‘absolutely’ right, I  screamed. And am thinking what to ask, I added.

Don’t you know Gifts are  given without asking, he said sounding very serious.

Yes, I know but what if the person doesn’t volunteer to give one, I rued.

Even before I could complete the sentence, my voice was drowned in the shrill ring of the phone and I saw my husband rushing to answer the long distance call.

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “My Blog’s second birthday 24/05/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Kudos to my literary sister Meera on the second anniversary of her blog. There has been a fringe benefit for me in posting comments. My English has improved! Looking up the meaning and spelling of words I rarely used before!!

  2. Sundera Gopalan

    Dear Meera my hearty congrades for writing 300 articles in you blog.Iam really very proud of you MeeraI pray to god to help you to write 1000 articles.

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