More American than Indian? 23/02/2011

Have you noticed something in the sartorial  styles of  today’s  young women? I said.

Why do you ask me? Replied my husband stressing on me.

Because you men are not only  more  observant  but also critical  about today’s  changing fashions, I said knowing fully well that my statement would provoke him.

Aye, that’s too sweeping a statement and quite unwarranted, he accused.

The trend seems to be to appear  more American than Indian, I observed.

Why do you think so? He said.

Well, I find the  youngsters of today believe in all kinds of  accessories excepting one, I said.

What is that ‘one’? you seem to emphasize, he  asked.

Try to guess?

You mean wearing a bindi on their forehead?  He said after a pause.

Yes.They think it is too old fashioned to wear one although there are a variety of  this cosmetic available unlike before, I rued.

Do you know the real reason why  the youngsters don’t prefer wearing it? He said.

Is there any other reason? I asked.

Yes, there is. They are afraid  that  wearing a bindi might leave a permanent mark  between their eyebrows and it   might appear  ungainly when they completely switch over to wearing western dresses  in future, he quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao



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