Mass or class?12/01/2011

How was the seminar you attended today? asked my husband while we were having dinner.

Well, it was o.k., I said.

From your tone it looks like you haven’t enjoyed being there. I expected you to go into raptures about the speeches the celebrities would have made, he said.

They were the usual stuff and the usual answers, the so-called celebrities had nothing new to say, I said.

The theme had something to do with the Tamil cinema and the change it has undergone, isn’t it?

Well something like that, I said.

What did the speakers feel, that Tamil Cinema has changed for the better or worse?

Certainly for the better where cash was concerned and worse when it came to content. That’s because the content is decided after selecting the hero for the film and he calls the shots thereafter, not the story writer, director or the producer unlike it used to be, they said.

That means obviously the hero gets the lion’s share of cash compared to the others. Next in importance is the TRP rating the movie gets, I suppose, I said.

All this is a known fact, you need not have attended a seminar the whole day to tell me what all of us already know, he mocked.

What did they say about the Tamil serials getting extensions year after year?

The same thing, again it is the TRP factor that decides, they said. In fact, one of them said a good serial on a particular channel was taken off the air because it ranked way below the other serials telecast during prime time. Isn’t it sad, that our audience cannot be more discerning?

Yes, I agree that they should. Why don’t “your class” of society set an example by stopping to watch movies and serials produced for the masses, quipped my husband.


N Meera Raghavendra Rao



6 thoughts on “Mass or class?12/01/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Serials with high viewer rating get extended year after year to qualify as a mega serial. They may even change the storyline in order to prolong the show. I hope they don’t bring alive some one during the extended period, who is already dead in the earlier part of the story! I do not watch any serial in any language.

  2. hema

    the photography in tamil films has come along way, though the story line is week.seen some good ones like madrasapatnam in recent times,a big flop with the masses.
    as for serials they are filled with surpanaka characters,waiting for revenge.thank God our younger generation are not glued to these serials.

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