Environment Day 06/06/2011

Even observing  a single litter free day  is an impossibility in the Indian context, I said even as I was reading the day’s newspaper.

I completely agree, however with a slight difference, said my husband .

Nothing unusual of you to do that, I retorted.

I have a very valid point to make and  you ,only you  are responsible, he emphasized.

O.K.What is it? I asked.

Point number one: You  pile up atleast a week’s newspapers which are left lying in the drawing room  for I don’t know how long, he complained pointing to the centre table.

Point number two: You leave the day’s laundry lying in the bed room instead of putting it back where it belongs.

Point number three: The dining table is  cluttered with all kinds of things, even your sewing stuff.

Point number four: you are encroaching into my space by filling my wardrobe  with your clothes.

Point number five which is very very important is that  you don’t seem to pay heed to anything I say to keep  environment  in our home clean. Haven’t you heard the saying, A place for everything and everything in its place , he reminded me for the enth time.

Have you finished or is there  any other accusation  left?  I said.

There are more, he replied.

Let them wait, and now you should listen to what I am going to suggest and let’s put into practice right away.  I stated.

Haven’t you heard of division of labour? Why don’t you  help me put everything back in its respective place and keep our house spic and span?

All that we  need is to purchase a few extra cupboards to  put ‘my’ things in so that they will not be visible to you. How do you like the idea? I asked enthusiastically.

You mean to dump your things in? he shot back.


n.meera raghavendra rao   



4 thoughts on “Environment Day 06/06/2011

  1. Sundera Gopalan

    Meera this reminds me of my Daughter Meera.She always used to dump everything in her cupboard lock it and take the key with her.Very clever isnt it.Iused to be very strict with them.

  2. V Raghavan

    I thought bachelors and enforced bachelors like me are the ones who stuff the cupboards with all kinds of stuff. I avoid taking visitors to any of the rooms, just in case they open the cupboard and face a “landslide”! Apparently, housewives are no better!!

  3. Today’s Housewives have upgraded themselves into Home makers and multi taskers and their spouses have degraded into shirkers (of responsibility ) and pranksters .Bachelors irrespective of their category are a thoroughly pampered and spoilt breed —you know who is responsible for this!

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