Diwali dinner and ramp walk 28/10/2011

Did you expect to win a prize for the ‘differently dressed man?  I asked my husband who was gloating over the DVD he had won.

No, I didn’t because I  thought they would have criticized me for my outlandish choice of clothing, he said.

Probably they found it really unique. Coming to think of it, this year’s Diwali celebrations were also unique, what with the two contests we had, don’t you think so? I said.

Yes, who ever had this idea should be congratulated, otherwise it would have been just eating and nitpicking, he observed.

By the way, did you expect your dish to be adjudged  the best? He asked.

No I didn’t because there were more delicious ones and the delicacies too were of a rich variety. I never had the least idea that  my ‘fried idlis’ could compete with all those and win a prize too, I said still not able to get over my surprise.

I know why you scored over the others. This is the bane of arranging a pot luck dinner. It is easy for everyone to pick up something from a hotel and claim it to be their own preparation, he complained.

May be you are right, I agreed.

Why is that only you men were asked to parade showing off your new clothes? I am sure we women appeared more colourful in our silks and  chiffons, I said.

Well, it was good for  a change  and also men had a chance for the first time without you folks competing with us for everything under the sun, he accused.

Coming back to your ensemble, how is that you got the maximum votes among all those well dressed men, some of whom  were  sporting trendy shirts, jeans and pajama suits?

Ah, now  that’s a good question coming from my wife. Haven’t you noticed I was the only one wearing a ‘pathan suit?’ said he sounding immensely pleased with himself.

n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “Diwali dinner and ramp walk 28/10/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    The palpitations in my heart have subsided and I am once again at peace with the world. So it was a “Fancy dress” competition !

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    There is no extra ‘i’. It only needs an extra ‘t’ ! This need to be perfect in your spelling comes from your journalistic background, but in today’s SMS world mis-spelling is trendy !

  3. hema

    Ms modesty
    have you forgotten that your fried idlis were certified as melting delicacy by my son with a cheesy smile. I tried it for a ladies get together,and it was an instant success story.May be you should acquire a patent before i win a prize for the recipe.

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