Book launch—American Style 22/02/2011

Recently my husband and I   attended a book launch which was unique. Infact  it took me back to something similar I had witnessed in a five star hotel in Madras  decades ago. It was a day long seminar on Achieving Personal Excellence  being conducted by an American   Motivational speaker Ms.Kathy Alls. Since the press was  invited for the  inauguration  I chose to be present on the occasion. The Speaker’s husband gave a very flattering introduction, paying encomiums to his wife and   her  success seminars. ‘Here comes Kathy Alls,’ he said  in the end with rising intonation  and the  stunningly beautiful and glamorous lady made a dramatic appearance to a standing ovation.

Coming back to the Book launch  I was glad  the author’s husband not only  played the role of an Emcee but chose to read   passages  selected by her from the book.  It was heartening  to watch the husband  publicly acknowledging his wife’s  talent  and also doing  her the  honours  in the presence of the chief guest and a fairly large audience .

Indian Spouses (read husbands)  —Are you  listening/reading?

n.meera raghavendra rao


6 thoughts on “Book launch—American Style 22/02/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Once Nirupama gave a talk at Women’s Christian College (her alma mater). I was sitting among the audience (mostly women) without her knowledge. She went on and on, my husband this, my husband that, mostly (not all) complimentary! Finally, I put up my hand. She noticed and was all smiles. There are more appreciative husbands in the world than you concede.

  2. There is a husband behind every woman’s success is more often the refrain (in the Indian context) than the reverse that ‘There is a woman behind every successful man ‘as the saying goes.

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