Artistes and Artistes 21/12/2011

Don’t you think the Music season in Madrasis a real audio visual treat? Said my husband even as we were returning from a  Veena concert.

Well, certainly a treat to the ear but I wonder what you mean by visual, I said.

I knew you wouldn’t understand because  as usual I  observe things more keenly, he affirmed.

What is it you observed these past few days we have been attending concerts? I asked.

For one thing, artistes are much younger, he observed.

What else? I asked.

Certainly  much prettier and some of them are really beautiful ,don’t you agree? he said.

May be, you are right, I  said.

Also their tastes too have undergone a drastic change, no more of those heavy silks or gorgeous jewellery which sometimes made the senior artistes  look over dressed. Some of them  covered themselves with their ‘pallows’ probably to show off the intricate zari work, he commented.

Well, you don’t expect the younger lot to follow their seniors in every respect, do you? I said.

Perhaps you are right.They should show some originality both in their performance as well as in their sartorial tastes, he stated.

By the way, have you noticed something else in today’s concert? He said (his tone suggested  he expected my reply to be  far from complimentary).

No, not anything in particular, I said after a long pause.

The not so young   woman artiste appeared to be very haughty, she seems to  think no end of herself, he said  sounding very annoyed.

What gave you the impression? I said.

She  acknowledged  whenever the audience showed their appreciation  by clapping at the end of  every item and also gave an encouraging smile when the accompanists  excelled but  didn’t extend the same courtesy  to her  fellow  performer  who I thought  was playing very well. On the other hand she appeared to reserve a very  grumpy look for the man, he complained.

Is it so? I don’t think I noticed, I said.

There is something  more important  and insulting, I feel, he said.

What’s that?  I asked surprised. She   never followed the tradition  of putting the ‘taala’ when her male partner was playing on the instrument whereas He  followed the practice when the lady was performing, he stated.

I  didn’t notice that either,  I said cursing myself for not being  as observant as my husband.

What could be the reason, I wonder?  I said  more to myself.

The only reason I could think of is the man was merely following the tradition practiced  in his house, he quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao  


5 thoughts on “Artistes and Artistes 21/12/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    My experience at the kutcheris has been somewhat different. Last Friday, the double bill of Gurucharan and Junior Balamuralikrishna at the Academy was first rate but no sign of greatness. As soon as the Thani Avarthanam (percussion solo) started, I joined the exodus and headed towards the canteen to have a plate of Mysore Bonda and coffee.

  2. Unfortunately Thani Avarthanam which I feel is the most vibrant part of the concert is not given its due recognition or appreciation by the audience who become impatient once the percussionistst starts.

  3. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    The hubby, like all hubbies including me, who are not carnatic-music-literate is more involved in observing the superficialities like their dresses and their behaviour instead of focussing on the meat of the whole thing which is the music ! I confess, I sit there beside my wife thinking of the possible connections which could to be made in the model or draft I am working on right now, to make it more credible.

    The last remark of your hubby made me smile. He perhaps is hinting that the male musician is wedded to a henpeck and he has developed this habit of yesmanship, which he compulsively follows, even in a public concert !

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