All my ‘Teachers’ 05/09/2011

I always believed education and culture went together but realized it is not necessarily so. Education might mean learning the three R’s  and earning degrees but I think in some cases it stops there with the big C and V missing  especially in the taught ! Today, on Teacher’s Day, I would like to recall  all my ‘Teachers’ who have not been responsible for earning  degrees and certificates but instilled in me something  more important —Culture and Values in Life.

First come my parents who always insisted I tell the truth what ever be the consequences. I ‘ve realized, not only telling the truth but sometimes ferreting out the truth which is the hall mark of a journalist also produces ire in the other person.

Then come my class mates in School and college who were a mix of the ‘down to earth’ variety and  the ‘snobs’, from whom I learnt to keep myself  away.

Post marriage, my mother dinned into my ears the importance of adjusting with my inlaws  and not to get a bad name which would reflect on her. My husband taught me the virtue of being patient and my  MIL said  any differences that might arise  between us should be sorted out within ourselves.

My band of good friends which includes a few who cannot boast  of degrees earned but known  for their culture and refinement have taught me to adhere to the golden saying “ you might win an argument but might lose a friend.”

To be honest with myself and not sound boastful, I think I’ve been a good student in every respect  except ONE—I.E. to be patient!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “All my ‘Teachers’ 05/09/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Telling the truth, Adjusting with in-laws, Being patient, confining the conflict between yourself & your m-i-l to the dyadic relationship and not being too argumentative are the values you imbibed from the significant others in your life. And you say that out of these “Being patient” is not one of your dominant strengths. I would say this is still a terrific achievement. You are practicing 80% of what you were taught and defaulting on only 20%. Even in this, as long as your hubby is patient with your impatience, it wouldn’t rock the marital boat.

    We learn from many others in life, if we are good learners, but we seldom acknowledge the source. We pretend that we were born with those virtues. This candid recognition of your various teachers shows your integrity and decency.

    1. Thanks for giving me 80% which means a distinction in academic terms.The only time I scored the highest marks were in English while in college and in Public relations certificate course conducted by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan ,Madras.

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