ABCD Syndrome 08/04/2011

I wish World Health Day turns into WHY which I know sounds too ambitious and also impractical  in the present illhealth scenario. I always wondered how our mothers and grandmothers maintained good health and never had to  visit doctors for minor ailments  or have had to spend a fortune by way of investigations and master/mistress  health  checkups which have become a routine.  One of the reasons perhaps  was all the expensive diagnostic gadgets that we see  today  never existed and doctors  had more confidence in their medical and diagnostic acumen. Also the numerous anti biotics that have invaded the market  and  are playing  havoc with the human systems  were unknown which in a way was a blessing because sometimes the treatment proves worse than the disease as it leaves a lot of side and after effects in the patient.

Now coming to the ABCD Syndrome, I feel even our elders were afflicted with it but  the affliction came in their later  years as it is  generally  a part of aging which  cannot be avoided. What  surprises and pains me is when people who have hardly stepped into their middle age complain of the ABCD syndrome, the cause of which is not far to seek!

n.meera raghavendra rao



6 thoughts on “ABCD Syndrome 08/04/2011

  1. Thanks Mangala for taking time off to visit my Blog and post your comments. Earlier it used to be the fashion to talk about the weather, but now conversation ,especially between the middle aged and senior citizens revolves around ABCD Syndrome.
    A stands not for Apple as we all learnt but Arthritis
    B ,not for Biscuit but for Blood Pressure
    C ,not for Cat but Cholesterol
    D, not for Dog but Diabetes

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