A mismatch!!!25/01/2011

You know  while on my morning walk I  came across  a couple  who appeared  unusual,   I said  while  we were having breakfast.

I am sure you would have had a word with them, he  said  with his usual sarcasm.

No, I didn’t and you  very well know I don’t strike a conversation with total strangers, I  shot back.

O.K. tell me why  you think  they look out of the ordinary, he asked.

Well, in many ways. For instance, I  noticed   the  wife  was  taller than her husband.

Perhaps  healthier too? ( he used  euphemisms in order not to offend people)

Yes, (I  stressed the word).

What else?  He sounded really curious.

She appeared  years older  than her husband, I  stated.

How can you be so certain? He asked.

You  know  women tend to age faster  than men  and it shows, I  observed.

Did both  have black hair? I mean that is dyed? He added.

I don’t think the need arose for the man because he  was  totally bald. And I think his wife didn’t believe in dying her hair, I said.

No wonder she looked older, he said.

Perhaps she believed in aging gracefully, wrinkles and all, I said in her defence.

They really  are an unusual  couple, he agreed. For all you know  she may also be more qualified  than him,  he added.

Perhaps you are right, I said.

I am just  imagining  a situation  where   such couples are more the rule than an exception and how  your tribe would  react to it,  I thought aloud.

There was a long pause and  I couldn’t  read his mind  from his expression.


n.meera raghavendra rao



3 thoughts on “A mismatch!!!25/01/2011

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Very interesting skit.

    In the traditional paternalistic society, men wish to appear superior to their spouses in every way, in being taller, heftier, better qualified and earning more and being the reverse of this is seen as castrating. But for androgynous men, who have the characteristics of men (Aggression, competitiveness) as well as those of women ( Compassion, cooperativeness, empathy), it doesn’t really matter as to who wears the pants in the house. Someone has to earn the money, someone has to run the household and it doesn’t matter who does what. I have also seen some marriages where the wife is much older than the husband. The husbands in such cases receive a lot of affection from their spouses. Having someone younger to look after probably triggers their maternal or elder-sisterly sentiments.

  2. V Raghavan

    I have not seen a case, where the age difference is so large as to activate maternal instincts in the woman. The woman being older by 2-3 years is not uncommon. The youth nowadays seem to think that an age difference of plus or minus 2 is fine. In such cases, no elder-sisterly feeling exists. They are just normal couples.

  3. I think a woman plays different roles and motherly or sisterly instincts are present in her by nature irrespective of her marital status. When a woman closer to your age shows affection and genuine concern for you, you immediately tend to look up to her as a sister and if the woman happens to be much older to you, you tend to perceive her as a motherly figure .That’s why we often see people addressing someone by attaching a suffix to their name depending on the age–didi , behen or aunty/ji .Same principle applies to men as well–bhai,dada , uncle/ji

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