A DAY WAITING 14/01/2011

Have you tried waiting for anything? If you have, you will realise that you are in good company. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky, because it is rare to find people like you and there is a chance for you to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. To begin with, let me share my experience of a day spent waiting.

We had purchased a computer the other day from one of the biggest showrooms in the city and the salesman promised that it would be delivered the same evening. Taking him at his word, we eagerly waited for the computer to arrive, but the day passed with neither the appearance of the computer nor a phone call from the salesman as to why he could not keep his word. So much for communication from those who are expected to keep their customers informed of any delays occurring due to unavoidable reasons.

I had purchased a gas stove and asked our gas dealer to send a mechanic to fix it. Prompt came the reply, “He will come at 4 o’clock this evening.” I decided to wait for him, bunking my computer class. There was another reason also. My servant, who normally came in the afternoon, did not show up till evening.

It was well past five, but there was no sign of the mechanic. A call to the gas agency proved futile. They said they had closed office for the day. As I had invited some friends for dinner that evening, I reluctantly made my way to the kitchen to make  dinner and managed to finish it well in time for my guests to arrive.

I can guess what you are going to ask me now. Did my friends come for dinner as expected? Well ,they didn’t .A reminder to them brought the unexpected response.”Oh, so sorry, we thought you wanted us to come on Wednesday, which is tomorrow.”

After dinner I settled to watch the Hindi serial which was reaching a climax. The hero and heroine  were expected to  marry in the  episode . I was left guessing because the power too ditched me !

N Meera Raghavendra Rao



6 thoughts on “A DAY WAITING 14/01/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    www: wait, wait, wait!

    Thanks for turning your spotlight on this phenomenon. Many of us have had such experiences. I will just relate one experience. The service engineers who come to service/repair your gadget are notorious. The company will give only the date and not the time during that day. You wait the whole day after rescheduling your outside work. The engineer turns up late in the evening or not all. My water purifier was leaking. The engineer could not fix it after three such visits. I called the Manager and shouted at him that he has not trained his engineers as how to locate a leak. Finally, on the fourth visit, a senior engineer came, went about his work methodically and located the leak.

  2. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Our daily life is indeed surrounded and governed by the service profession. The more gadgets and appliances you have, the more things seem prone to malfunction and the greater your need to reach for repair, maintenance and service personnel… and wait.

    We as a nation never measure or value personal time, yet such waiting time and downtime have a huge price. The crunch, however, is that as the population of vehicles on the road and the installed base of everything from computers to dishwashers is increasing daily, the shortage of trained and efficient staff to man the showrooms and service stations is beginning to show.

    It’s indeed a problem for consumers. Unless we learn how to install, maintain and repair these gadgets, we have to be dependent on the service personnel. But then you will be an unpaid,amateur mechanic and you wouldn’t be able to do anything else in life.

    1. I agree with you when you said we will be an unpaid, amateur mechanic with little time for anything else.My brother who is in Hyderabad is an Electrical Engineer but has developed a skill/knack to repair anything under the sun(except human brains!).The gadgets range from domestic appliances to fans,air conditioners, refrigerators etc.He repairs his car and replaces leaky taps with equal aplomb.Most of the time his official work takes him away from Hyderabad and his ‘home work’ begins once he is back!

  3. hema

    they say troubles come in bundles, but you meera sure know how to untie the bundles and pour the problems on to paper and release the tension of waiting.next time instead of waiting, pick up your pen and make hay while the sun shines.the mechanics breed can play havoc with your day

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