Where traffic is more chaotic – 18/05/2011

As far as I know the pilots of Indigo  Airlines have their reputation intact in  the present scenario of   their tribe  making news for the wrong reasons. The 55 minute flight from Chennai  was quite seamless excepting for  the last 15 minutes. I felt the plane was zigzagging and for a few minutes  wondered whether we were traveling by air or in  a Maruthi on the bumpy roads of Chennai  amidst chaotic traffic! Noticing my concern for our safety my husband assured me that it was only due to air pockets and we had nothing to fear.

We landed at Rajiiv Gandhi Airport as scheduled and  expected  another hour’s drive to my destination  in airconditioned comfort but realized the facility could not compete with the outside temperature which was  more than 36 degrees C.

Talking about the traffic inHyderabad, I thought nothing could beat the chaotic traffic of Chennai where the drivers of all vehicles irrespective of their size and expense hog the roads without any consideration  for their fellow  commuters, but I was wrong  because vehicular traffic in Hyderabad beats its neighbouring State hollow in every respect!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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