The fortnight that was 31/12/2011

There  was a flurry of activity in Chennai  catering to every age and taste. The fortnight started with a Conference  on Disaster Management: Certainty the object—Uncertainty the Reality which was organized by the CII, Southern Region. The  programme had a list of  Speakers  with  very  high profile and they represented  the Services, the Police, the Private and  Government  Sector and the field of Medicine. All the speakers  gave an insight into their field of work and  the steps that were taken to minimize damage when disaster struck —be it  natural like the tsunami or  man made, like terrorism.

One of the  speakers, Cmde (retd.)  S.Shekar, Regional Director, NMF, Chennai chapter   set the tone to his speech on ‘Organizational Aspects on Disaster Management’  by saying, ‘In our country everything has to be under the Prime Minister and named after a particular family to get attention—but what after that?’ which sounded more like a rhetorical  question  where the speaker doesn’t expect an answer but  in the context of our country the answer is obvious, I thought.

Mr.M.R.Ranganathan, Chairman,ABK—AOTS Dosokai and Chairman, Nihon Technology  Pvt. Ltd. spoke about ‘3/11 Japan Triple Disaster —Lessons to learn.’ He  said  the Japanese are known for their patience and resilience,believed in team spirit and worked in a group, where no single person takes the credit (since no one is considered an expert). Their morale is always high as they believe  in the saying, ‘nana kurobi ya oki’ which  when translated means, ‘fall seven times-rise eight times. This was much in evidence when the triple disaster occurred in March ’11, he said.

The  closing Address  in the evening was delivered by Gp. Capt.(retd.) L.V.Mohandas, Head—Internal Security and IT,CII,SR.


The 17th. of December  was the Silver jubilee  of SERFAC, an NGO founded by  Dr.Sr.Catherine Bernard for creating an awareness and sensitizing society about the importance of  stable marriages and healthy families which are the most important resource base and natural environment for its members. Service and Research Institute on Family and Children (SERFAC), a pioneering Institution  has been in the forefront of the Family Movement in India, Asia and the World since 1986 and continues to be one amongst the few family organizations, that continues to focus on the world-wide and local impact on the family as a social unit through its local and  global programmes.

In his key-note address, Hon’ble Justice N.Santosh Hegde ,retd. Supreme Court Judge, Former Solicitor General ofIndiaand Rt. Lokayukta commenced his speech by going into   his humble  family background  and the mile stones in his career, culminating in occupying the high office in the  judiciary. He owed  his success to the values instilled by his father, he said and continues to adhere to them, he reiterated. He  inaugurated The Post Graduate Course (M.A.) in Child Counselling  initiated by SERFAC. In the  post lunch session, The Role of the Family in Contemporary Life Situations with Reference to Education/Civil Society/Governance and Politics /Women /Corporate Entities/Religion  were discussed by invited speakers.


I noticed  Music lovers and Food lovers flitting from one sabha to another right from morning to later in the day and into the night using every opportunity to appease their taste for the art and palate. Some made it very clear about their choice between the two making a dash to the canteen of the MusicAcademy!


Down the week  there was a book launch by the Madras Book Club, the venue was Tag Centre on TTK road  and the book was ‘Balasaraswathi: Her Art and Life’ by Douglas M.Knight jr. I expected a large turn out  for the event and the only reason for not a very large audience  (the regulars were conspicuously absent) I thought  was the on going music season.


N Meera Raghavendra Rao




3 thoughts on “The fortnight that was 31/12/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    I see the advantages of living in a big city for a polymath like you with diverse interests. I am certain that our Mysore kind of a place would have bored you to death !

  2. V Raghavan

    Perhaps you can add to the fortnightly events Ramanujan’s 125th birth anniversary celebrations, which included a function addressed by PM. Declaring 2012 as the Year of Mathematics is significant .Unlike in other developed countries, in India, applied mathematics has not been thriving as well as pure Mathematics. This is a pity, as applications of Mathematics now pervades all fields of human endeavor and includes commerce, computation, medicine and social sciences.

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