Soup and me 18/02/2011

I wonder where have all the  croutons  and soup sticks gone?  I  said  looking at the bowl of  tomato  soup served in the  restaurant.

Well, there is also something else missing, observed my husband.

What’s that? I asked.

A dollop  of   butter  added to the appetizer, he  said.

Probably  the hotel  believes in serving diet soup, he added.

Since I  found the soup watery and far from appetizing I   summoned the waiter and asked for some croutons.

Madam, I shall get them for you, he said  most obligingly.

He did  appear after  nearly 20 minutes with a plate of tiny bread pieces by which time my soup had become cold.

Croutons are fried bread, not raw, I  told him  trying to control my annoyance.

Madam, please wait, I shall get what you want, saying so he disappeared with the plate.

He came back with  a  slice of bread lightly toasted on one side .

Madam, please enjoy your soup , he said with a broad smile. I am sure this is what you have asked for.

Examining the limp slice I said it should be toasted on both sides, that too evenly.

Madam, our customers like it this way, he  stated  with a serious face.

I am not interested  in the choice of your  customers, I almost said aloud.

Why don’t you ask  for  a couple of soup sticks, suggested my husband.

I ‘d rather go without the appetizer and start with the main course instead, I  said.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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