Side lights of a meeting on Jan Lok pal Bill of AnnaHazare 31/08/2011

I landed at a meeting more by an accident (I overheard someone mentioning about it)  that was organized to discuss the significance of the LokPal Bill. Having learnt  the   venue was just a stone’s throw from where I reside and that  one of the speakers was known for his excellent articulation and knowledge, I had decided to  spend the evening more productively.

When I entered the premises of the building, to my consternation the board placed before a half open elevator greeted me. I felt like a damp squib but soon gathered my spirits and braced myself to scale the two flight of steep  stairs in order to reach the large auditorium. Once there,  I found it was already jam packed with people who appeared totally strange, the banners displayed near the stage looked stranger as  I couldn’t make head or tail of what was written!

The meeting began a little past the scheduled  time with a prayer in Tamil, followed by  the welcome address and introduction of the subject and the speakers .The mandatory announcement was made, that is ‘please do not  use mobile phones or keep them in P.M’s mode’ which was met with a burst of loud laughter from the audience, reverberating the auditorium. One of the speakers  briefly  traced the background, the  significance and the need for passing the Jan Lokpal Bill, the other speaker elaborated as to why Anna Hazare said it was only fifty percent victory for the supporters of the Bill, and that we should wait and watch for  the  future developments.

Then commenced the questions from the audience and the meeting turned into a very lively affair like a session in Parliament, each trying to out shout the other with queries ranging from ones totally unrelated to the subject to short speeches. In the midst of the mini commotion, one of the mobiles sprang to life and its owner appeared all set to receive the call. Just then someone sitting at the back shouted with all his might venting his anger. Innu buddhi varliya? He said. The speaker who was answering a query suddenly stopped and  looked offended for a split second, thinking  the remark was directed to him!


N.Meera Raghavendra Rao


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