Shopping pattern of Chennaites for Diwali 19/10/2011

Despite   newspaper reports about the acrobatics involved in shopping for Diwali in T.Nagar which is  considered a shoppers’ paradise, we ventured  to go ahead.

Our first stop was Nallis where car parking is provided. We expected  to jostle through milling crowds but were slightly disappointed at the lack of excitement the experience  would have provided. The counters too looked almost bare and we were happy the sarees stacked on the shelves were clearly visible even from a distance. When we expressed our surprise at the absence of crowds, the salesman said we were lucky in that we chose the right time  to visit the shop and he also enlightened us regarding the shopping pattern of Chennaites.                ‘People normally come to shop after having an early lunch and completing chores for the day. They eat tiffin in a hotel  before returning home. Again  there are some who have  a late lunch at home  and after shopping  have tiffin in the evening at a restaurant. But the  majority who come with their men folk in the evening dine out after finishing their purchases’. The shopping pattern of Chennaiites so thoroughly studied by the elderly salesman won our admiration and we enjoyed the singular attention we got in the shop (We  congratulated ourselves for avoiding the  peak hour, both in terms of traffic and crowds) Just then I noticed young mothers dressed in salwars and sarees   dragging their reluctant children and the older women who appeared to accompany  them  carrying babies and their  paraphernalia. They all leisurely  passed from one counter to another,  scrutinizing every fabric and design and nothing appeared  to have met with their approval. As we were on our way out I  could hear one  of the young women who appeared annoyed with her little son say  ‘how can you feel hungry so soon ? haven’t you had a good lunch  at home? Wait till we go to Saravana Bhavan to have tiffin.’

Our next stop was Sundari Silks where we found the security  partial towards owner driven cars when it came  to parking in their premises. (Taxis and chauffer driven cars find no place here). This shop  too had  very few people trickling in   and  we knew the reason for it. Though we were  offered coffee here, we were tempted to head  towards SB which appeared more crowded  than the shops we visited notwithstanding the time of the day!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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