Sheer Bliss 22/12/2011

The name of the musician  appeared unfamiliar to me, probably because the media has a habit of mentioning artistes who are celebrities. Thanks to my husband  who was keen on listening to this artiste for what ever reason and I was happy to have  joined   him, albeit a little reluctantly for no particular reason. We took our seats in the mini hall well before the concert was scheduled and had to shift  because the prospect of viewing the backs of two tall persons  sitting in front instead of  having the sight of the artiste performing  didn’t appeal to us. The concert commenced well after the scheduled hour because one of the accompanists couldn’t reach  the venue due to a traffic jam, we were told. Just then one in the audience remarked, ‘do they think we landed here by a helicopter?’

The first thing  that  impressed me was the demeanor of the artiste, devoid of any frills or hype as is usually noticed in some of the   musicians. Her voice was just wonderful,  so was her range and rendition of each song  that she sang. I wished I was a little knowledgeable about the raga and the item  to have enjoyed her performance  even more thoroughly.The audience who went into raptures  even when the song was in progress and when it ended  did not conceal their appreciation. The  violinist too excelled and it was a perfect match of the singer and the accompanist. I regret for missing the earlier performances of this talented  couple —   Dr.Pantula Rama, the  artiste  and her husband M.S.N.Murthy

n.meera raghavendra rao


10 thoughts on “Sheer Bliss 22/12/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Tall people should have the decency not to sit in the front rows and block the view of others sitting behind. They should occupy rear seats. Some people are so self-centered & not empathetic enough to consider other’s needs.

  2. V Raghavan

    In this situation, the only solution is to oscillate (that is, move your head from left to right and then from right to left) so as to catch the gap between two heads in the front! The persons in the back row will correspondingly oscillate and so on and so forth. The result will be oscillating heads all over the hall, which gives the impression to the artiste that the rasikas are thoroughly enjoying the concert!

  3. V Raghavan

    Thank you. The humour comes from personal experience of the phenomenon. When you visualize the scene mentally, you cannot help laughing!

  4. V Raghavan

    Finally it happened. I attended the best concert of the season last evening by Ranjani-Gayathri pair. For a weekday, the hall was full. The sisters are topping the charts for some time and are considered the best singers of the season. I do not understand Carnatic music, but simply enjoy listening. It was pure music – no frills, no gimmicks. As they sang the Thiagaraja kritis, I was thinking that, if Saint Thiagaraja was there in the audience, he would have been thrilled and overwhelmed. In Ragam-Thanam-Pallavi, the transition to Thanam was so smooth that I did not notice it for some moments. In fact, they went from one-to-two and back again several times. The sangs were announced in Tamil. The lady in the front was writing down in her notebook the names of the Ragas in English, followed by some notes in Telugu! The seats were not so comfortable, but I sat through for 2 hours 45 minutes and came out feeling good both mentally and physically.

  5. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    I accompany my wife, Prema, to all the music concerts in the evenings. I do not know even the abc of “Appreciating Carnatic music” but I go there to give company to Prema. The big secret is, while the singer is doing all those acrobatics wth his/her vocal chords, I will be thinking about the missing links in my latest model and how best to connect everything into a coherent lecture or write-up. At the end when Prema asks me how much I enjoyed the concert, I tell a white lie and say “Very much”. No harm done to anybody.

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