Repercussions of winning the World Cup 04/04/2011

It was a real treat watching our Indian players’ determination to win the World Cup and managing to beat  Sri Lanka with six wickets in hand. I was all  admiration for Jayawardene  and Dhoni who  stood like the Rock of Gibraltor and  the young Yuvraj Singh’s performance. I am not sure of the repercussions our winning would have at the macro level  but there have certainly been repercussions at the micro level.To begin with the milk was delivered an hour late, the shop in the neighbourhood from where I pick up my loaf of bread did not open till almost ten o clock as the shopkeeper overslept, it was the same with the  newspaper  boy and  just as I was beginning to reconcile myself  with all these delays, the ironwallah wanted an advance of rs.500/ urgently saying it was to pay his son’s school fees. It appears  the boy had bought crackers for rs.500/ (with the amount he had given for paying school fees) to celebrate our victory !Well, life literally came to a standstill on Saturday, no traffic on roads, no patients at doctors’ clinics, scanty attendance at offices and colleges, no visitors or  phone calls and to top it all no Visitors to my BLOG!

n.meera raghavendra rao



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