Novel concepts in Music and Dance 20/10/2011

The recently concluded two day Kalpadruma Arts and Artists Annual Festival brought in a new concept in music called ‘Nama Pravaham’ presented by PadmavibhusanAwardee  Umayalpuram k.Sivaraman. True to its title, music by youngsters just flowed like a waterfall, uninterrupted Explaining the concept devised by him Shri Sivaraman  said  the concert would commence  directly with compositions of various saints and not adhere to the conventional pattern of alapana, swara kalpana and  thani avruthi as was the paddhati . The quartets’ enthusiasm in rendering all the 30 songs of popular composers was very much evident from start to finish which was more than equally shared by the much older accompanists.

The performance of Priya sisters on the second day was brilliant and  it was very thoughtful of the younger of the two to explain the Telugu poet Pothana’s   composition on Sri Rama .She added that Saint Thyagaraja too  composed  a song on the same theme which showed great minds think alike.

The concert concluded with a few bhajans resonating the whole atmosphere.

An excerpt  from the new dance drama ,Krishna produced by Padmasri Awardee Shobana   was a big draw .This hour long avant –garde, innovative take on the ever popular Krishna with music and dance both in the classical tradition of yore and in Bollywood genre of today (the song was from Dabang, a popular Hindi movie) won the audience’admiration.The  fleet and nimble footed dancers and their rich costumes took our breath away.

The above novel concepts may not win the appreciation of traditionalists and purists but will certainly be welcomed by the modernists.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Novel concepts in Music and Dance 20/10/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    I wonder which Thiagaraja Kriti that the younger Priya was referring to. Some time ago, I heard T M Krishna rendering Nidhi Challa Sukuma. I have heard this Thiagaraja Kriti several times before, but nothing like what I heard that day. It was sheer bliss. TMK is a genius. Mind you, all his originality was within the traditional norms!

    1. Since M.S.Subbalaksmi who was a real genius had taken the trouble to learn the meanings of songs composed by Thyagaraja she could sing them with the right enunciation and bhakthi just flowed when she performed .Yes, there are many musicians who sing ‘Nidhi chaala sukhama and several other Thyagaraja kritis but TMK stands out for his good enunciation and he probably takes care to know the meaning of the lyrics before he sings.

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