My new friend 20/07/2011

The first time I met him was during my morning walk. Though there was another person along with him, my attention was riveted only to the latter and I wished to cultivate his acquaintance  but found  it was not mutual. He appeared very shy even to look into my eye. The two went their way and I mine. Subsequently I came across this pair almost every day and my attempt at being friendly was not reciprocated by the person who captured my attention but I never gave up. One day I found the two  smiling at me from across the road and  to my surprise I found the younger one waving vigourously to me and I  waved  back  smiling. This gesture continued for a couple of weeks until one morning when I spotted them riding a two wheeler in the opposite direction. They stopped for a minute to greet me with a hearty smile, waved to me and proceeded.

I was  going on my morning walk as usual and never noticed a two wheeler pulling up along side me. The rider and the pillion who wore dark glasses alighted and greeted  me with a broad smile. The younger of the two stretched his arm to shake my hand. I appreciated his friendly gesture and felt delighted at his spontaneity.

The real surprise came thereafter.The older person who was the father of this five  year old boy said it was due to his son’s initiative he retraced his way in order to meet me.

My son is normally very shy and reticent and I was pleasantly  surprised when he  said he wanted to meet you. You know he was a premature baby and started talking only recently,  informed the father.


n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “My new friend 20/07/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Children take their own time in befriending grown-ups but once they like your looks and smile, they trust you completely. Isn’t it ?

    1. I feel children are the best psychologists ,even a few months baby will either take to you and smile at you or turn its head if it doesn’t and start crying to express its displeasure. Looks, colour or smile have little to do with the baby or child’s reaction!

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