Missing him terribly 14/07/2011

He was such a dear, very affectionate and loving, bemoaned my friend full of tears in her eyes.

We celebrated his birthday  just a few days ago with such fanfare.You must have seen the joy at all the attention he got, said her husband, his voice filled with emotion.

Was he ailing  for a long time? I  asked hesitatingly even as  I was trying to console the couple on the terrible loss they suffered.

Yes, of late he fell sick off and on, but nothing very serious. The last time he fell ill the doctor  advised us not to give him certain foods as he was allergic to them.  The fellow was very fond of street food and he would pick it up on the sly, possibly that had caused the infection which ultimately lead to his end, informed the husband.

I know, street food is certainly not hygienic, I agreed.

He loved to go out and we would drive him to the park every evening, said the husband.

He got so used to AC  comfort both within the house and  while traveling in the car that  we had to give in to these small luxuries,  interjected my friend.

Anyway we are happy that we did the best for him ever since he came into our lives, observed the husband sounding very pleased with himself.

Yes he brought us luck from day one, added my friend.

How old was he? I asked.

As I said he turned 13, only last week. Poor Toger, he was such a dear. We will miss him terribly, said the couple in one voice.


n.meera raghavendra rao






2 thoughts on “Missing him terribly 14/07/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    I, for one, could never understand how some people can get so attached to pet dogs. Their demise makes them so depressed. Perhaps those people have an extra large reservoir of love & affection within themselves. Considering that these creatures do not normally live beyond 16 years, one would expect that the people adopting a puppy at birth would be mentally prepared to lose them after a time, but they are not. Death of a beloved pet for some people, like the death of a child or a parent or a spouse or a friend for the rest of us, is so heart-rending.

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