Meeting long lost friends 27/11/2011

It’s common to come across  one’s acquaintances, relatives and friends at social functions like engagements and marriage celebrations but I  never knew  a  popular restaurant  would also turn into a social hub, that is, if you are lucky  to run into  someone you know as it happened with us.

Several years ago I found  a lady sitting at one of the tables staring at me intermittently  as she was having her dinner.  Half way through her dinner she walked to our table and asked, ‘aren’t you Meera’?  It took  a full minute for me to say yes because  I found  her remotely resembling  someone I knew and had lost touch for decades. Noticing my ambiguous  expression she introduced herself saying, ‘I am Vyjayanthi, haven’t you recognized me’.

‘You have changed a lot,’ was all that I could say scrutinizing her from top to bottom.

On another occasion I found my husband  watching a handsome gentleman seated  at a distant table going through the menu card  very intently. On  our way out he gently patted  his back and  the latter turned round  to see who it was and thereon time appeared to stand still for the two of them as they seemed oblivious of the presence of  others around!

Some time ago we  ran into our former tenant and his mother, years after we last saw them.The elderly lady’s  joy had to be seen to be believed! It was a pleasant surprise to see her   looking much younger and  full of life.

More recently  I  found a young lady walking towards our table and smiling at me. Even before I attempted to recognize her, she was smart enough to introduce herself  as so and so and  it rang a bell. I was meeting her after more than a dozen years and noticed she had not changed much during this period.  Soon her husband and two children joined her and it was like old times  chatting and  laughing.

When we next choose to visit this restaurant, we are sure  to come across  someone we know or acquainted with.

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Meeting long lost friends 27/11/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    In such situations, all that one can do is put on a feeble smile and mutter to oneself “Your face looks familiar. Sorry I am unable to place you”. This happened to me the other day, when a senior scientist from NAL greeted me with a loud “Dr Raghavan!” on the railway platform in Bangalore. My embarrassment had not died down, till he pushed off to meet his wife returning from Mysore.

  2. This only shows some people are easily recognizable because their appearance has not undergone a major change over the years whereas some change beyond recognition .Therefore the fault is NOT OURS if we fail to place them ,nor is it that of our MEMORY !

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