Like father, like son 14/10/2011

When I emerged from my house for my morning walk the other day, I noticed three women sweeping the portion of the common lane that was in front of their house. To my surprise the driver of  my neighbour who trebled up as a sweeper/cleaner and electrician  was nowhere to be found.  I learnt subsequently that he was dismissed  from work after being caught pilfering   fuel from the tank. The news came as no surprise because I  had  previously heard  my other neighbours  complaining to me  about him on different issues.The complaints were not confined to him alone but also to his 11 year old errant son who  in the process of running  errands for them  stole their expensive mobile phones and  money and denied  when confronted.

My  memory went back  to the year when a burly  man of medium  height, dressed in trousers and a full sleeved shirt tucked in   walked into my house and introduced himself  as the newly appointed car driver of our next door neighbour. His son was in tow holding a box of chocolates. The innocent looking  boy  opened  the box  and shyly stretched it towards me  saying it was his  9th.birthday. I greeted him and gave a gift of  a pencil box. Ever since then he would accompany his father whenever he was called to attend to minor repairs  in  all our  houses. The  father would proudly claim that he worked in the Gulf  during his younger days  learning different skills and wanted  his son also to emulate him.

I  thank my stars   for not losing anything valuable as my neighbours did  but now I am in search of someone who would sweep my portion of our private lane!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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