Know your neighbours 19/08/2011

The other day as I was returning from   my morning walk I was surprised to find  a stranger sauntering in the private lane where we live. I stopped to enquire whether he was in search of an address or whether he lived anywhere in the neighbourhood.  Pointing   to the big gate which opened to a colony by the side of the main road, he said he was  its  owner. Immediately it rang a bell  and I asked whether he was related to Venugopala Mudaliar who started the Balavinayakar bus Service .‘Yes, I am his grandson’ he replied. I said his grandfather had purchased the property from  my husband’s grandfather ,Shri palle Panini Rao during late fifties  and  his reaction was absolutely one of astonishment and delight ,it had to be seen to be believed! He said he had always been curious to meet the family members of the original owner of the property his grand father had purchased  decades ago adding that he found it strange that although we were neighbours for more years than we could remember, we had never met!

The incident set me thinking and for a minute I thought are we going the American way where people never knew who their neighbours  were.

We may not be able to choose our neighbours ,especially if they also happen to be house owners but we can certainly atleast know who lives in the neighbourhood and have a nodding acquaintance with them,  I thought.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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