India’s largest Multiplex —Maya Jaal or ‘Paseena jaal’ 10/06/2011

We visited Maya Jaal  after several years and our  experience  has been  nothing but grueling.  It was noon, the hottest part of the day and a film shooting was in progress with the camera men engrossed in their job. Even as I was trying  to spot the lead pair  amidst nattily  clad youngsters and not able to find a  familiar face,  I heard someone say  the hero and heroine  had just then left the spot. Having decided to  watch a movie   we headed towards the  ticket counters and after scanning through the different film posters around, decided to see KO as I  heard the story was about an investigative journalist. We purchased the tickets and  entered this largest multiplex in India which boasted of 14 screens  and little expected   the 40 minute wait in the multiplex  would prove absolutely grueling, with the air conditioners switched off and no fans whatsoever.  The seats which are provided came as no comfort when we knew we would be  perspiring all the time  getting drenched with our  own sweat. Thankfully   we were allowed to  enter the theatre a good 15 minutes before the movie began and sit in airconditioned  comfort. When I  looked around I noticed  there were none besides the two of us. But once the movie commenced  people trooped in and the hall was quarter full. KO, (I still do not know what the word means) is a delightful  movie and   the young charming hero essayed  the role of a photo journalist with absolute ease (kudos to the actor). It is a movie worth seeing as one gets to know  how newspapers get their  scoops, pictures and all. It all  depends on how much of a risk the  photo journalists are willing to take in the process.

Unfortunately Maya jaal which once figured as the first choice of children for the various indoor games it offered and something for the adults as well  has lost its attraction.The only solace seems to be  the  latest  movies screened in the multiplex for which tickets are easily available and the large Nilgiris store  to shop for all kinds of things.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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