Indian Writing Festival 26/07/2011

Having missed attending the first two weeks of the Indian Writing Festival held in Landmark, I was keen not to miss the final one in the series. The theme was ‘Indian Writing and its relevance in contemporaryIndia.’ Only three of the  four  panelists turned up and the discussion was moderated by Binoo k.John. All of them seem to be well known authors  of quite a few books but I must confess that I haven’t read any of them. John set the ball rolling by touching upon Indian English and going into the various reasons as to why Indian authors are not a major draw compared to their western counterparts. One of the reasons for this  was that the authors  don’t deal with the under belly of the country. The  women panelists  thought this was the best time for any one aspiring to write a book  because of the recession facing the west where a number of book shops had to close down and that   any work  of fiction with  Love as its theme  would  sell the fastest today where Tradition was passé.

In the interaction that followed which appeared livelier than the discussion itself, the audience raised questions about the reviewer’s role in relation to  the worthiness of the book, how lucrative was writing a book, future of  E books etc. The air conditioning could have been more effective to add to the audiences’ comfort, (I could see a few walking out complaining about the stuffiness).

 n.meera raghavendra rao      


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