Hyderabad Hues 28/06/2011

When you ask anyone who has gone abroad, even to the nearest neighbouring country  or an island the stock reply you get is  that the roads there are so clean that you can sleep on them  and it is a pleasure driving through them. Likewise  I feel weather anywhere outside Chennai is comparatively more pleasant  because  of the  three seasons unlike we have in Chennai which takes ‘pride’ in  its single season which varies only in  degree!

No wonder Hyderabadis  take pride in their weather besides the various attractions of the city  which still retains  its Nawabi culture and cosmopolitan nature. For instance no visitor can afford  to miss seeing The famous Salarjung Museum  which houses the Nizam’s rare collection of  antiques, period costumes, and curios obtained from all over the world,The Char Minar, a shopping paradise for pearls and  traditional men and women’s   wear,  Ramoji Film city, a miniature world, besides the Golconda Fort and its Sound and Light show and Shilpa Ramam which represents  Andhra culture, to mention a few.

I didn’t  find my last visit to Hyderabad (though it  was during peak summer)  as enervating  as my stay in Chennai because of the absence of humidity. Again unlike in Chennai the  monsoon has set in as per schedule, and   I am enjoying the weather thoroughly and  in  ‘strange’  company. Guess  what my company consists of?  A brood of monkeys jumping on the roof  with excitement, all drenched in the pouring rain!

n.meera raghavendra rao     


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