Elimination process 21/06/2011

My Blog friends had insisted on a treat in celebration of  25000 plus hits of my site that  almost coincided with its second anniversary  which was the reason  for my eating out almost every day.

Since I had left the choice of the hotel/restaurant  to my friends, each one suggested  her favourite  joint which left me with mixed feelings at the end of it all.

First   was BRMatsya in Tnagar for which my friend used all the superlatives possible for the buffet it offered. The board displayed at the entrance listed out the menu for the day which appeared to suit every palate, including a vegetable lover like me. I browsed  through the spread  and my friend and I picked up our plates and  helped ourselves with the food and took our places at one of the tables nearby.  Since there was no sign of the appetizer being served, we asked one of the waiters for it but he was evasive, the supervisor, ( I suppose, because he was wearing a tie)) said the soup was not ready (the lunch timings were  from 12 noon to 3 p.m) and it was  half past 12 and added that   since he saw us helping ourselves with the buffet, he assumed we didn’t want the soup! So much for customer relations!

The next one  we walked into, rather climbed up was the much hyped/advertised  Kailash Parbat  in Kilpauk , they serve excellent North Indian food, raved my friends and  I looked forward to appeasing  my penchant for the delicious stuff. Since Prior reservation was a must, we booked for the four of us. The starters we had ordered  arrived after nearly 40 minutes and the main course  after an equal duration by which we were all ravenous. Well, the food was indeed awesome and really worth our wait but I never was prepared for what followed. As was my habit, I produced my CC to pay the bill and the waiter came saying they don’t accept credit cards!

Thankfully my purse didn’t let me down, otherwise I would have lost FACE. Later I tried to find out the reason but  didn’t get a convincing reply. All that the person incharge said very politely was ‘this is your hotel, getting money from people like you is no problem’ and my niece who had joined us said since we paid the bill the response was not surprising. We advised him to add in their advertisement that CC will not be accepted.

More recently  our gang  headed to Maha Mudra to have dinner. Our favorite items   listed on the menu were not  available and on top of it we had to hang around for more than 45 minutes to be served what we had ordered. The welcome drink to which the guests were earlier treated  was also withdrawn.

Now my elimination list of city hotels is increasing and  we are left  with very little choice.Thankfully  there are a couple  of  our  faithfuls   which maintain their  quality and standard of fare where courtesy to guests is also their priority.

n.meera raghavendra rao   


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