Changing Chennai? 22/09/2011

There is no denying the fact that Chennai is fast changing ,at a speed   hitherto unheard of. Old heritage buildings  are being razed to the ground giving place to shopping malls and  high rise structures. Temple gongs are no longer being manually operated, Mutts where food is served with people sitting on the floor and  eating  in a banana leaf  are forced to have make shift tables or cement ones to cater to people  unable to squat, mobiles  have become a part of  ‘purohits’ of mutts and temple priests’ retinue.The  former seem to  have no qualms of endlessly talking on them, even halting the ritual they are conducting ,professional cooks take orders on mobiles even while they are engaged in preparing delicacies and the maid informs you on phone that she would be absent for a day or two etc.etc.

But the critics of  recently concludedMadrasDay/week/fortnight present a different picture as to what had generally remained consistent. They had written that the  speakers, topics chosen and the venue for the events organized had been  the same,   and the people who turned out were also the same, though less in number this time. The only difference they had noticed was that a good number of them disappeared from the scene after enjoying the goodies to their heart’s content! Where there was only food for thought at some events, the audience silently expressed their protest and displeasure!

Is the annual event  becoming stale?  I wonder.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “Changing Chennai? 22/09/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Last year, I attended several M Day functions and enjoyed most of them, like the talks by Sivasankari and V. Sriram and the dance-drama of a couple walking merrily from George Town to Kapali in 1915! All the three events above were on Good Old Madras. We miss you Old Buddy!

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