An hour in the park 27/04/2011

Don’t you think a morning walk in the park is more peaceful than a walk down our road? Observed  my husband even as he  was overtaking me during our constitutional.

SSSH, I said.

What for? Anything the matter? He asked retracing his steps.

Yes. I wish to know whether they are going to approve the life partners their children have chosen for themselves, I said.

Whose children? he said sounding annoyed.

You see, these two people walking alongside me seem to have a common problem, I said.

Why bother to know? so saying he  proceeded  at his usual fast pace.

Aye, there is something more interesting happening, I said catching up with him on his fourth and my third round.

What is it this time? he asked impatiently.

You know, I said pointing to a group of people practicing Yoga.

Well, it is something  I see everyday, he said. Probably it is the first time you have noticed as you rarely come to the park,  he added.

There is something else I noticed which perhaps escaped you, I said.

What is that? better be fast, you are interrupting my walk unnecessarily, he accused.

I believe all those who participate in these yoga sessions, are offered  sumptuous  breakfast, I informed.

Well, that again is no news to me. I see people queueing up for it.  In fact  there is something else which you may not have noticed, he said, probably  in order to provoke me.

What’s that? I asked  looking eagerly at him.

I usually  overhear people confessing that  they   help themselves liberally to  ‘vadas’ or ‘bondas’, he said.

Don’t you think that’s  bad  for their health? I said.

There is something worse. Infact there are some who don’t belong to the ‘yoga circuit’ but have no qualms about  stealthily joining  the queue to partake in the breakfast, he informed.

How do you know? I asked quite shocked  at his disclosure.

Well I also have two ears like you, don’t I?  he quipped!

n.meera raghavendra rao 


3 thoughts on “An hour in the park 27/04/2011

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Humans are not so different from other animals. We eat and drink to sustain our bodies, and procreate to expand our numbers. All animals (including humans) share two basic instincts : the desire to survive and the desire to reproduce. Yet it’s a powerful third basic instinct that ultimately separates man from beast. This instinct is Curiosity and it is the root of emotional intelligence, innovation, science and technology, and religion. In a lighter vein, curiosity is paying Rs. 10,000 to see your appendix.

    The neuronic circuitry for both genders of Homosapiens is equally developed. So the capacity for curiosity is the same for both.

    However men think that women are unnecessarily curious about others and tend to snoop & gossip while men are more pragmatic, do not waste their time in gossiping and are primarily doers and women think that they have more sympathy and empathy for others and that is why they would like to know the problems facing others so that they can commiserate with them. This might be seen as gossip by the men whose emotional quotient is pathetically low.

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