An Achiever with rare qualities 10/03/2011

I was  delighted to  watch someone who  not only earned name and fame within a short period but  also endeared herself  to  the community of Lions as well.The following  introduction by  Ms.Vasantha during their Zone Social speaks all.

Respected Leaders decorating the dias and friends,

You  certainly feel proud of certain moments in your  life when you do a thing with immense satisfaction and happiness. So am I now. I stand before you with pride and privilege to share with you much more than what you know of a person. A very sweet looking, calm, dignified person who shot up to fame and popularity in a short span of time in lionism by  her  graceful friendly attitude- now you all must have judged whom I am referring to. It is none other than MJF lion Sundera Gopalan, an emancipated women.

The following profile of hers would  do justice to  the adjectives I  made use of to describe her.

Ms. Sundera, a Maths Graduate coming from a very illustrious family married Mr.R.S.Gopalan IAS in 1961 when she was in her teens and grew up in a very orthodox,  docile, submissive, and dependent atmosphere in the household until the death of her husband which happened  at the fag end of his service. Situation made her to take charge of household duties  with 3 daughters, a son and mother-in-law to take care of. She proved her hidden strength in bringing up the children with quality education and get them settled very well in career  as well in life. And proved her loving care to her mother in law too till her death some few years back.

An emancipated MJF Lion Sundera Gopalan joined lions club of sowcarpet in the year 2007- her sponsorer is the speaker before you. Her inherent talent, enthusiasm, dedication and friendly attitude have made her climb up in position from I VP in 2008 and also to become MJF, the same year, President in 2009 and Zone Chairperson in 2010-11. Her commitment to causes has drawn her close to various other organizations like YWCA as committee member, and member Dignity Foundation of India and Madras Book Club. Besides serving the community, her passion for reading, cooking and painting continue till date. So Lion Sundera is  active all the time with utility value. I am happy to present her before this august gathering..

Thank the organizers for the opportunity given to me.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “An Achiever with rare qualities 10/03/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    This is a fine example how women achievers may have deceptive appearances. By just looking at them, you cannot figure out what they have been up to!

    Congratulations, Sundera!


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