Amazing political awareness! 15/04/2011

Whom are you going to vote? I asked  my maid.

Amma, to whom will you vote? She answered with a  counter question.

Well. I haven’t decided, I parried.

Amma, our whole family will vote for —she told me the symbol.

Why?is there any particular reason for your decision? I  asked. Also is it  for the cash you will be receiving or the freebies the party promised  once it came to power? I added.

Amma, they are not giving any cash this time because it is an offence, she explained  looking like a vigilance officer. I believe there was a lot of rigging in the last elections, she informed.

Just then the maid who worked upstairs joined in our conversation.

Amma, in the colony I stay   some party workers who were seen distributing cash were caught red handed by the police, she whispered. An old woman who had received the amount had to reluctantly return it,  she said full of sympathy. There was no power  the whole of last night.  I think they have deliberately shut it off  because they didn’t want us to watch the TV, she said lowering her voice  even further. (this was a woman who always spoke in the highest decibels ).

As we were on our way to the polling booth later that evening, the watchman at our next building gave us a sheepish smile. I asked whether he had cast his vote.

Yes I did in the morning itself. You people are going so late, for all I know some imposters  would have cast ‘your’  votes. Saying so he wished us good luck.

I was happy for once at the wide reach of our media.

n.meera raghavendra rao  


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