A no nonsense drunk!14/03/2011

I wonder if  you  have  ever traveled  by an auto with the driver completely sozzled?

Well, when my husband and I recently did, the 10minute ride  was quite an earful  fit for the corporation officials and politicians to take Notice and  Act, which is a million dollar wish.

Even as we got into the three wheeler, we had requested the driver  to drive slowly to prevent  recurring of my back ache.

He  obliged us and suddenly broke into a song in Tamil  which had lyrics of his own —“Nan eppo mellama otre, aana road  mattum sari illa (I  always  drive slowly but the roads are bad).

Then  followed another song, again one of his own creation —‘enna akshi vandal enna, engalku onnu prayojanam ille (whatever party comes to power, it will not benefit  us). ‘ akshi kar  than saapduvanga’( the people in power will build their  own coffers)

When we were thinking as what  issue he would  take up for his next song, he turned around  to face us  (only then I noticed his blood shot eyes and  felt the  whiff of alcohol) and went into an autobiographical mode. But all the while only his speech fumbled  sparing us the risk of  his three wheeler  colliding into other   vehicular traffic!

As we were approaching our destination, my husband  pointed to a dentist’s board  and asked him to stop there.

He had one look at the distant board and said in Tamil ‘ange kuppe thotti than thriyadu, pallu theriyale(I see only a dustbin, but  no teeth).

As he came  nearer  the board  he said,  ‘ippo  rendu veru theriyadu’ (I can  see two roots now).

Do you want me to wait  here? I don’t mind dropping you back, he had offered while we alighted.

Please spare me his  monologue , I whispered to my husband.

n.meera raghavendra rao



4 thoughts on “A no nonsense drunk!14/03/2011

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Thank goodness you were not flying in a plane with the pilot sozzled ! See this report carried in Times of India:

    TNN, Mar 11, 2011, 04.14am IST

    NEW DELHI: Air travellers would do well to say a little prayer before taking a flight. Pilots faking flying hours was bad enough, but now it turns out there’s a reasonable chance of the pilot turning up drunk for duty. And getting away with it. Between January 2009 and November 2010, as many as 57 drunk pilots were detected in random pre-flight medical tests – that is two tipsy pilots every month. Of these, only 11 lost their jobs for endangering passengers; the rest got away with mild punishments including being grounded for up to three months and a pay cut for some time.

    1. Its like the devil and the deep sea–the choice is between a sozzled pilot and one with a fake license !Well, the decision rests with the traveller ,whether its worth taking the risk !

  2. V Raghavan

    We had a colorful and equally dangerous experience once. We were traveling to Tirupati by taxi. Nirupama was sitting with her parents at the back and I was sitting in the front next to the driver. Apparently the driver had not slept the previous night. In the hot afternoon sun, he was dozing off once in a while at the steering wheel! I was on my edge, looking at the fellow and expecting some nasty thing to happen any time. Fortunately, we reached Tirupati safely. Next day, I was wondering what was going to happen on the return journey. As we were crossing Renigunta, the car axle broke and it stopped right in the middle of the road! No quick repair was possible. We walked to Renigunta station, waited for the Bombay Mail and huddled into the corridor till we reached Central Station.

    1. I could imagine your plight .Whenever we travel by road, my husband makes it a point to keep himself awake so that the driver doesn’t doze off. I remember when we were travelling along with a friend in London,(he was driving at 80mph) ,suddenly the car swerved and our friend managed to bring it back on track before we realised what was happening .He had dozed off for a few seconds !
      At least the driver of your taxi was not responsible for breaking of the car’s axle.

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