The launch of ‘Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha’ 21/01/2011

The time mentioned  in the invite  for the book launch  was 6 p.m. and  it said actor Namitha was  the chief guest  on the occasion.  We  landed at the venue  a little before the scheduled  hour expecting a large crowd as was usual when a film  celebrity  is involved  at such events. The thought that it  also  meant  the function would get delayed  escaped our mind. Thankfully, the organizers decided  to commence the programme  before the arrival of the chief guest.  One look at the svelte  and sprightly   author, Rujuta Diwekar  told us the proof of the pudding is in its eating. Clad in western attire she carried herself with dignity  and her  brief introduction to the  book set off the right tone for the interaction.

Questions from the audience comprising  mostly women ranged from  the right way to eat  and exercise, the pitfalls of dieting, lifestyle disorders of  PCOD etc. Even as the author was answering them in detail, breezed in  Namitha and all heads turned towards the approaching figure. Perhaps there were quite a few  like me  who didn’t   watch Tamil movies, for the  sight of the  actor to appear  familiar or to  recognize her. We found our attention was drawn  more  to her  sartorial  choice which appeared  more suitable to a film set rather  than a  book launch setting.   But what  we could admire was her confidence  with which she  took   questions  from the floor  that included  some inconvenient  ones as well. She said  her family   belonged  to   Gujarat    and  everyone  in her family  was big made. She confessed  that dieting and jogging didn’t help her much  and  after she met  Rujutha  things changed.  She  is happy that    she didn’t have to give up chicken and cheese, her favourites   even as she  follows    the plan  to healthy living and  maintaining  one’s weight.

Eat what ever  you like  and  treat your body as a friend, the best judge as how much to eat is your stomach  and it tells you when to stop. If you listen to its advise you will not  tend to  over eat  was the author’s refrain.

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “The launch of ‘Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha’ 21/01/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    It may not be as simple as “Eat whatever you like”. A watch on the kind of food you eat is also important.
    Being a man, I have less of this problem. Even if I put on some weight, sisters and other relatives say that as a man I should “carry weight”!

    1. As long as it is not ‘junk food’ that one likes ,the stomach doesn’t revolt or protest( nor will the person add weight) . If it does, it’s time one heeds to ‘its’ advice . Recently I read that children in Chennai are the most obese compared to their counterparts in other parts of the country. We all know who are the culprits!

  2. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    Just for your information. I am giving this public motivational talks in 15 locations at mysore.

    The Theme of the talk is : ” Health & Lifestyle management ” in English.

    Brief outline of the talk :

    1. Preventive medicine & Primary prevention of diseases.
    2. Three leading killers in our society : Myths & Facts about Coronary artery disease, Stroke and Cancer.
    – Risk factors like Cholesterol, obesity, Tobacco, Alcohol, Hypertension, Lack of exercise, diabetes and stress.
    3. Diet Regimen : Calories, Obesity, Fat & Cholesterol, Essential fatty acids, Carbohydrates and Fibre, Protein, Water, Vitamins, Minerals, The best Diet. Evolutionary Psychology and our fascination with fats, sugar and salt. Myths about Diets and scientific weight control.
    4. Exercise : The effects of exercise, Different types of exercise at different stages of life, Strength, Stamina,Flexibility & Balance, Benefits of Aerobic & Resistance exercises, How much exercise is needed by each person.
    5. Food supplements : Multivitamins, Minerals & Anti-oxidants through food and supplements.

    Duration of the talk is two hours and Question & Answer session will be for half an hour.

    Speaker : Prof. V.N.K.Kumar, Management Trainer, consultant and motivational speaker, holds degrees in Engineering & Management from IIM-A. Also has a diploma in Preventive medicine from Apollo Hospitals Training & Research Institute, Hyderabad and a Diploma in Naturopathy from Nashik.

    With these credentials, let me suggest just one book for anybody who is interested in Weight Control.
    ” Teach yourself Weight Control” by Dr. Geoffrey Webb, 2003

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