The launch of ‘Middle Time’ – By Priya Vasudevan 11/07/2011

The launch of Priya’s book ‘Middle Time’ would have been a routine affair  but for the author who is a lawyer,  relating her interesting journey to this work of fiction, a historical mystery set in medieval India alternating  back and forth in time. Reading of a  few excerpts from the book followed, not by  any of the dignitaries invited as is the practice but by the author’s college going daughter . From the word go she had the  audience glued to their seats by her powerful voice which resonated  throughout the large auditorium. Her right intonation  had the desired impact —bringing the characters in the book to life. Some of us wished she had read a few more passages.  Shri Shreekumar Verma ,was the Chief Guest and Shri Sadanand Menon, journalist and Art Critic was the Guest of Honour.

Two things were however missing in the event which lasted less than an hour. Not only the Q and A was absent but also thanking the young   lady  for her  superb rendering of  passages  when  the vote of thanks was proposed.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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