Launch of Geek Nation:How Indian Science is Taking Over the World By Anjela Saini 11/04/2011

I went to the  book  launch  at Hotel  Connemera  with a little trepidation,  expecting  the book to be some kind of Science Fiction which was not my cup of tea. Also I didn’t associate Geek with anything complimentary!

After the introduction of the author and Mr.R. Chandrasekar, the person who would be in conversation with her, Anjela went up to the podium, unwrapped her book and spoke very briefly about it and the interaction had begun in right earnest. R. Chandraseka, author of an unusual sounding title, The Goat,The Sofa and Mr. Swami through his incisive questioning was able to draw out the author on the various  aspects  covered in her book, which she did  mainly by  interviewing luminaries in their respective field  and presenting  a very bright  scenario for the future.

In the Q and A that followed ,the questioners thought Anjela appeared a little too ambitious about Indian Science taking over the world when facts speak otherwise. Though she admitted that  there is a paucity of Research  in our country compared to the West where investment and encouragement is much greater,  it is heartening to see that technology has not been  confined to the rich alone nor only to the urban population as it has become more accessible to the common man.

What struck me was the young author’s  projection of India in a very positive light unlike writers based abroad ( irrespective of their nationality) who tend to highlight  the seamy side of a developing country, totally ignoring our achievements.

n.meera raghavendra rao


5 thoughts on “Launch of Geek Nation:How Indian Science is Taking Over the World By Anjela Saini 11/04/2011

  1. Professor V Raghavan

    Very amusing title for a book of this nature! The slang meaning of geek is a carnival performer who bites off the head of a live chicken or snake!

    Regarding the claims of this author, it is almost certain that she is wrong. For instance, in my field of endeavor, I see a lot of systematic publishable research being done in China and hardly any in India. Yet a sizable amount of money is spent in India on research. The enforced discipline in a dictatorial regime like China is at times good!

  2. I prefer going by the dictionary which also gives two other meanings of the word geek: a geek is a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked; an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity .The author who has a masters in Engineering from Oxford University is a self confessed science geek.
    From your example of China does it mean that there are no takers for Research in India though funds are easily available ?

  3. Professor V Raghavan

    You are right. The author had probably in mind the “modern” definition of the word geek. I do not think I should comment any further on the book without reading it. The disparity between India and China is still a fact.

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