Highlights & Side lights of Launch of ‘A Madras Miscellany – A decade of People,Places, and Potpourri’ 02/05/2011

Highlights & Side lights of Launch of  A Madras Miscellany – A decade of People, Places, and Potpourri

By S.Muthiah

S.Muthiah, author, historian and columnist  couldn’t  have had  a more befitting  birthday celebration ( though  a belated one because his birthday, the 13th. of April  clashed with the date of elections in T.N.) than when his book ‘Madras Miscellany’ was released in Taj Connemera  to a packed audience comprising the who is who of Madras. The highlight was Gopalkrishna Gandhi’s speech about the book and its author. His address was a combination of  eulogy, analogy,  and play of words  which held  the audience spellbound and his sense of humor reflected in his tone and delivery.

S.Muthiah, who has become an  icon of this historic city, in his acceptance speech was as informal and self effacing as is characteristic of him. He related the milestones in his career, (his foray into journalism  began when he was eight years), his education, as a columnist  with the Times of Ceylon and finally his moving to Madras, joining  the TTKs and culminating in authoring books on Madras and writing his weekly  column in The Hindu, Metro Plus from the year 2000. He thanked  each and everyone who has been supporting him in his journalistic endevour and particularly thanked Ms.Nirmala Lakshman, who was responsible for starting the weekly supplement of The Hindu, Metro Plus and  asking him to write a column.

The sidelights constituted a few mosquitoes relentlessly hovering around my head and biting my face with a vengeance.Their singing  was matched by an occasional  buzzing of a mobile which appeared to jar the  pin drop  silence that prevailed in the Ball room. It was amusing to notice a handstick horizontally placed on  three seats in front of us. I was not sure whether they were  meant for the stick to lie there in comfort or  reserved for late comers!!

Cocktails that followed the vote of thanks provided a  befitting finale to the 81st. birthday celebration of the author.

n.meera raghavendra rao     


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