Book launch with a difference 25/03/2011

The  launch of UNBOUND, Indian Women @Work  at TAG Foundation Auditorium recently  was  very impressive  in  more  ways than one. Seated on stage were  Gita Aravamudan, the author, Anita R.Ratnam, Chief Guest   of the evening  and  Gita, a Sound  Engineer, (perhaps the only woman in the country to pursue this career) who works for the film industry.

There was nothing unusual about the format of the event per se  normally organized by the publishers of the book  and  Madras Book Club, but  what  impressed  me  was the  professional touch  the whole occasion had. The  author  picked up to read  two short case studies from her book  and the third that  figured was delivered  by the interviewee herself  providing a first hand account of her journey as a Sound Engineer, considered an unusual profession for a woman in the late eighties. It was heartening  to learn  that  she  has acquitted  herself well in this male dominated profession  where  her work  speaks  for herself. Her husband and children have been very understanding  about  her type of work especially as it   involved late hours and even at office her colleagues would lend a helping hand to take care of her kids whenever it  was needed.

In the  interaction   Anita who said she was an avid reader from childhood, was able to provide insights into the book as well as  the author’s mind (albeit confessing  that she was yet to read the book) proving that she was a  communicator par excellence.

The questions from the audience, which came mostly  from  women  were  well taken by the author.

Unlike  most  book releases hosted by Penguin where cocktails are served post event, the audience ( which comprised  many book lovers and teetotalers like me) welcomed  the  Tea that was served prior to the function.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Book launch with a difference 25/03/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    I picked a copy of this book at the launch and have been reading parts of it. It is a collection of case histories. I read about Subhasree Thanikachalam and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Once I watched Balamuralikrishna giving an award to Subhasree. She surprised the audience by walking straight to the function from a studio, wearing an old jeans! The case histories are very interesting, but the narration is not gripping. I guess the nature of the subject is partly the reason for this.

  2. I happened to review a number of similar books on women for The Hindu and found one reads very much like the other because of the case study approach.All the same they show reaching the top for women is doubly difficult in a man’s world !Thankfully things are changing, albeit very very slowly.

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